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Disruption of the Middle Class- Part 1

Part 1 of a Three Part Series on the New Economy and Disruption of the Middle Class and What Comes Next… Part 2:  The Rise of the Individual Part 3: Implications for Our Kids and the Future This week, I … Continue reading

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Twitter Retrospective -Rethinking Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter since October 24, 2006. My “twitter user number” is 10,233, meaning I’m the 10,233rd person to sign up for Twitter. Chris Brogan got me to join (his twitter number is 10,202) when he emailed a bunch … Continue reading

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I find a lot of what I do involves boiling down complex, nuanced ideas into smaller steps or sound bites.  Like the Eames chair  and table to the right, you can accomplish a lot with really simple but innovative design. … Continue reading

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Content Rules- Book Review

One of the people outside of my family I love most on the planet is C.C. Chapman.  I first got acquainted with C.C. through listening to his podcasts, and then meeting him in person at the first Podcamp Boston.  Over … Continue reading

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“It’s Just a Platform”

Early on in my web geek history, I used to hear the phrase “it’s just a platform” dispensed frequently, especially when someone would ask: “What’s this thing good for, anyway?”  I was always frustrated by that kind of non-answer answer.  … Continue reading

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