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Being a Parent of a Senior

When my kids were born, like most parents, we imagine them growing up and what it might be like.  We get glimpses of who they might be later on over the course of their childhood, but the day to day … Continue reading

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Seizures and Driving

Car hits tree. Ouch Originally uploaded by I Bird 2 It’s being reported that Commerce Secretary John Bryson got into two car accidents after suffering seizures while driving in California. While I expect there will be significant amounts of political … Continue reading

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What are Reunions all about?

This past weekend, and last minute, I went to my 25th College Reunion.  It seems really hard to believe it’s been that long, despite the fact I have a son who is currently looking at colleges himself. In contrast to … Continue reading

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The Women Wars are already in full swing this political season, and the “big” election isn’t even until November.  So far we’ve seen: The Working Moms v. Stay at Home Moms,  courtesy of Hillary Rosen and Ann Romney,  Reproductive rights … Continue reading

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Solving Problems- the Social Autopsy

We’ve run into a few problems recently.  A friend of mine once said “There really aren’t any problems, just unresolved opportunities.”  Most of the time, I try to buy that line, and look at the inevitable bumps in the road … Continue reading

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