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Saying What You Mean

I feel sorry for people running for office.  People are following you around with microphones and cameras all the time, hoping you will mis-speak or trip or do something they can get a story out of.  It’s a microscope that … Continue reading

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Freedom of Tweet

Emma Sullivan, a high school senior, got caught up in the news cycle, for posting a tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. Now her school is demanding that she write an apology letter for a pretty innocuous comment- ““Just made … Continue reading

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All Politics are Local

This old chestnut is certainly true- All Politics are Local.  But the stage upon which they are staged and played keeps growing. The local politicians, school board presidents, township supervisors, police- all of these folks do more, every day, to … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy

Politicians have it hard these days. We live in a representative democracy, where we essentially hire people to make decisions on our behalf on the local, state and national levels.  They compete with a select group  of our peers to … Continue reading


What Should Teachers Know? Or any of Us?

There’s a recent article in the New York Times that talks about should be taught to teachers in Ed School, or in essence, what should a teacher have to know before going into a classroom?  One of the teachers quoted … Continue reading

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