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Joy and Loss

There’s a lot going on for everyone right now. We’re all struggling with new rules and parameters on things we can or should do, and things we can’t. Some people seem to look for endless loopholes to justify their personal … Continue reading


Moving Business Online Checklist

This morning I got up and decided to do a little self- care and order some scones and a latte from a local shop that is doing curbside pickup during coronavirus. Their website was down, so I called the shop … Continue reading


Declaring an emergency

What’s it like being someone in charge- at any level- having to make decisions about the health and welfare of our entire community? This week I found out. Last week, I started talking with a client of mine about the … Continue reading


Parenting Young Adults

I just read a great blog post by my friend, C.C. Chapman on parenting his kids as they become young adults. CC is also teaching at a college in Boston, so he has a great perspective on mentoring young people … Continue reading


Politics and Politicians

Right now, people are getting ready to run for office in local elections. Here in PA, this means County, Township and Borough positions will need to be filled. The primary and general election turnout in “off-years” like this one have … Continue reading

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