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On the Eve of Another iPad

In a few short days, the next version of Apple’s iPad will hit the shelves. We own two of the original versions, and one son has asked for the new one as his sole birthday present, so i know at … Continue reading

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Longevity of New Media

Someone on Twitter was talking about how to celebrate a big Tweet number- 25,000 tweets. Some people have chosen to try to raise money for their momentous tweet, but what struck me was what might have been said in those … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Linchpin by Seth Godin

I was one of the lucky early few that signed up by making a donation to the Acumen Fund, to get an advanced copy of Linchpin by¬† Seth Godin. Seth has asked people to read it, think about it and … Continue reading

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Multiple Ways of Learning

I get my best ideas when I am out doing things unrelated to work or home- I end up stumbling across something that strikes me as similar, and sometimes gives me a whole new perspective on how I deal with … Continue reading

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