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When Is It Corruption?

I’ve long thought the money in politics is obscene.  When I heard that Congresspeople spend 20 to 30 hours a week trying to raise money for their next campaign, is it any wonder why they never get much done in DC? … Continue reading

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Declaring Independence

As it does on every July 4th, NPR does a segment where the Declaration of Independence is read out loud, this year by visitors to the National Mall, of all ages and ethnicities.  This year, especially with the current political unrest … Continue reading

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Brand Choice and Politics

How much of politics is about Branding? Before getting into this, let’s talk about the influence of brands in our lives.  One of my favorite quotes from Ze Frank defines a Brand as “The emotional aftertaste after a set of … Continue reading

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One of the largest problems we face is objectification- literally, treating or turning people into things or objects, instead of seeing them as proxies for ourselves. There was an article in the New York Times about a marketing firm hiring … Continue reading

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The Complicated World of Prenatal Testing

I read an article recently where Rick Santorum decried having pre-natal testing being provided for free under the new health care law.  He contends that it just ends up in more abortions and lessening health care costs by “culling the … Continue reading

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