Books I Recommend

Here’s  list of some of my favorite recent books, ones that I regularly recommend to friends, clients, business partners and anyone asking me for a recommendation.  I would love it if you would consider purchasing any of them through my Amazon Affiliate Store (link).  Amazon gives a small fee for books purchased through the “store”- often under a dollar, so no need to worry I’ll be running off to a remote island anytime soon as a result.

Almost anything written by Seth Godin.  Seth has a very distinctive and to the point writing style I admire.  I always learn something new from his books and his blog.

Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. One of the best books ever on getting your point across.

The Knack- How Street Smart Entrepreneurs Learn To Handle Whatever Comes Up by Norm Brodsky of Inc. Magazine. One of the best books on running a business I’ve ever read, and wish I could have written.  There’s a lot of pitfalls you can make running a business, and the biggest ones have to do with the type of customers you choose, how you choose your market, and how you manage your cash flow.  The Knack talks about all of this in detail, and helps anyone understand how to manage the business end of your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

The Pirate’s Dilemma by Matt Mason. A book that explains what’s happening as traditional industries are being outflanked by smaller and faster competitors.  Matt was kind enough to come and speak at Podcamp NYC, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in person, and he is a fantastic, dynamic guy with a real feel for how things are evolving and changing in our economy.

Web Analytics in an Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik, and his follow-up book, Web Analytics 2.0– great books to start understanding Analytics and measurement online.  Mitch Joel has a great interview with Avinash on his podcast, Six Pixels of Separation.  (Mitch has actually had him on the show at least three times, and they are all fantastic).

I’ll add more reviews as we go along, but all my top books and recommendations can be found in my Affiliate store- link below.

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