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Understanding Attention

As someone with two kids with ADHD, attention is a big deal to us.  I’ve made it my job to understand how attention works, how to get it, how to focus it, and how sustain it, because this information is … Continue reading

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Malcolm Gladwell- Outliers

When I found out Malcolm Gladwell had a new book coming, I made sure I pre-ordered it, and it came on its release day this past week.  I’ve been working my way through the book, and it’s interesting- especially when … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Woes

I was talking to my friend, Michelle Wolverton yesterday, who works as a virtual assistant.  This means she takes on various tasks for clients on a project by project basis, helping them manage their businesses and time, on an as-needed … Continue reading

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The Downside of ADHD

The worst part of having ADHD is often feeling overwhelmed. Little things seem to pile up into hills that seem unmanageable. Yet each thing taken on its own is totally and easily accomplished. Yet the feeling of frustration, of not … Continue reading

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