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The Secret Sauce- Cross Pollination

Julien Smith asked a question recently- when did you last have a breakthrough idea?  And he suspected they probably didn’t come from a blog, or the stuff that “everybody” reads.  That got my thinking- Where do I get my best … Continue reading

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When is an Unconference not an Unconference

A friend forwarded me this link to a new Unconference, PR Camp , taking place in New York on Friday, November 20, a day after the Web 2.0 Expo concludes in NYC.  Given that I will be in New York, … Continue reading

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Things to know about Podcamp

This year, we seem to be getting lots of questions and confusion about the difference between Podcamps and Barcamps. So I thought I’d do a brief post here so everyone is clear. 1.Podcamp is Not Barcamp. This is a biggie.  … Continue reading

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Cafe Cultures and Social Media

Chris Brogan has talked about cafe-shaped conversations, and how conversations between businesses and the public need to become a bit more intimate, like the kind of conversations you might have in a Parisian cafe.  Having just come from a trip … Continue reading

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