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Fixing Traditional Retail

Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve seen traditional retail transform.  In Rochester NY, where I grew up, there were several local department stores, started by local businessmen who became legends in the community.  Over time, these stores struggled as … Continue reading

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Differentiating Customers

My book on Differentiating Instruction in the classroom came out this week.   While this is clearly aimed at teachers trying to reach every kid in their classroom, the concept of tailoring your treatment or requirements of others based on … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Microcell Micro Disaster

Please See End of Post for Suggestions on how to fix any connection errors on your AT&T Microcell… Initial Post and Complaint: I am a geek.  I am tech savvy.  I can set up wireless networks in the house, I … Continue reading

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The Art of Buying and Selling in the Digital Age

I woke up this morning and wandered over to Chris Brogan’s blog and read all about his recent issues encountered when trying to buy a pair of Timberland Boots.  I think the comments and Chris’s point may have gotten a … Continue reading

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Thank You, Pottery Barn!

I have been a big fan of Pottery Barn for years. We’ve purchased all sorts of furniture (chairs, son’s headboard), dishes, towels, lighting, shelves, and more from them over the years. The only thing I’ve ever had a problem with … Continue reading

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