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The Complicated World of Prenatal Testing

I read an article recently where Rick Santorum decried having pre-natal testing being provided for free under the new health care law. ┬áHe contends that it just ends up in more abortions and lessening health care costs by “culling the … Continue reading

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If Not Now, When?

*Quick note- I accidentally published this piece before it was edited- a quirk from using the iPad to compose in the WordPress app and save in draft format, which I messed up. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sometimes, we know we’re … Continue reading

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Judging Risk

I’ve been thinking about risk, and how we make the decision about the cost/benefit of our actions. Having gone to law school, I think and act like a lawyer in much of my life, and that can drive some people … Continue reading

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Electronic Medical Records and Impatient Patients

I read a blog post by Andy Kessler today, who has written a book called The End of Medicine, which I have admittedly not read as of yet. The post alleges that the medical industry has created a complete boondoggle … Continue reading

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