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You are More Than Your Audience

A friend was remarking on going back and deleting posts from his facebook and instagram accounts, trying to be quieter and more purposeful.  Part of the reason seemed to be a lack of attention to recent photos, etc. and it … Continue reading

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Women and the Banning Bossy Campaign

This week (and it’s only Wednesday!) has been a study in contrasts.  On Monday, I attended Senator Chris Coons’ Opportunity Africa Summit, attending sessions on business opportunities in Africa for small and medium businesses, and a session on women and … Continue reading

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Facebook Musings

There have been various reports about Facebook adding pre-roll video to its site, where you would be forced to watch a short commercial before entering your Facebook account, at least for the first time each day.  While I think this … Continue reading

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A Perceived Threat

A local school received a threat early this week, and the specifics were frightening but not clear and specified today’s date for the mayhem.  The school district acted appropriately in every regard, in terms of searches of the school, and … Continue reading

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Contests and Making a difference

Westside Health Clinic in Wilmington DE is one of the finalists in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Goo Facebook Campaign.  Today, July 18, you can vote and help get them a minivan to help low income and rural communities get the … Continue reading

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