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Seeking Perfection

Seth Godin had an interesting post today talking about delight and mentioning six sigma.  It caught my attention, because some folks I know have been taking six sigma classes who work in health care. Health care, and all of the … Continue reading

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The Price of Healthcare

My mom called me up in tears this morning.  We’ll get to the reason in a few moments- let’s first talk about her medical conditions. My mom, Janet Schumacher, turned 65 this year. Following an episode of pancreatitis that damaged … Continue reading

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Electronic Medical Records and Impatient Patients

I read a blog post by Andy Kessler today, who has written a book called The End of Medicine, which I have admittedly not read as of yet. The post alleges that the medical industry has created a complete boondoggle … Continue reading

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Health Care, Under Cover

Disclosure- I am married to a physician who is in an academic medicine practice. I sit on the nexus between two worlds- that of the normal, every day patient, and that of someone who practices medicine every day. It’s often … Continue reading

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