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App of the Week- Lemon Wallet

This is my opinion and is not a promoted post in any way, shape or form. I don’t know about you, but one of the things that drives me crazy is the abundance of loyalty programs, affinity cards, keychain fobs, … Continue reading

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On the Eve of Another iPad

In a few short days, the next version of Apple’s iPad will hit the shelves. We own two of the original versions, and one son has asked for the new one as his sole birthday present, so i know at … Continue reading

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Disaggregating Content

For a long time, we could only buy music as a package deal.  Sure, there were some singles available, but by and large, if you liked one or two songs, you would have to buy the whole CD or album.  … Continue reading

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The Multi-touch Revolution

Wired Magazine just published an article about large multi-touch displays entering production.  I first saw the multi-touch display on Jeff Han’s TED Talk, embedded here: And subsequently, I’ve had a chance to meet and talk with Jeff twice, at Educon … Continue reading

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The Future of Mobile Computing

This probably should be entitled the future of hands-on computing, but the two are closely related. After playing with the iPad for a few days now, and experimenting with different apps, I think this does present a big step forward … Continue reading

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