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The Obligatory New Year Post and Rant

Every year, folks use January as a time to reframe and recommit themselves to be better than before.  I would argue that every day is equally relevant as a marker to try to do better than before, but perhaps a … Continue reading

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If Not Now, When?

*Quick note- I accidentally published this piece before it was edited- a quirk from using the iPad to compose in the WordPress app and save in draft format, which I messed up. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sometimes, we know we’re … Continue reading

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Is There a Difference Between Your Job and Your Work?

I’ve been mulling over the following problem for a while now, and while this idea may still be half-baked, I thought I’d toss it out for commentary and see what you think. Over on Edutopia, Jenifer Fox and I are … Continue reading

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Three Words for 2011

My friend Chris Brogan, is fond of choosing three words to provide a focus for the new year. I tend to see these words as themes rather than specific goals, and I’ve spent the last few days trying to narrow … Continue reading

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Understanding People- Understand Motivation Theory

My project, The LD Podcast, is all about learning, and how we can help kids learn better and more effectively. This has meant I’ve done a lot of reading and research on subjects like attention and motivation- because if you … Continue reading

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