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Do we really want to know the unvarnished truth?

There was an article in the LA Times today about a study underway where patients would get unlimited access to doctor’s notes in their files.  While I am normally a big fan of transparency, there are certain relationships where the … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Standards

A couple of times a day, I spend a few minutes catching up on the news. Today, two articles appeared that may seem totally unrelated, but bring up larger questions. The first is one from Salon.Com, discussing Journalistic Irony– In … Continue reading

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Privacy- Do We Have Any Anymore?

I listened to the most recent Media Hacks episode of Mitch Joel’s excellent Six Pixels of Separation podcast, where the guys were discussing everything from the Please Rob Me website, geo-location apps like Gowalla and Four Square, and even Blippy, … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

When is sharing your life online with others crossing over into  TMI  (Too Much Information) territory? Like it or not, we make judgments about people based on the integral of all we know about them.  The baseball player who bets … Continue reading

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