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The Size of Government

When I’m out talking to people and knocking doors to meet voters, I’m often asked how I feel about the size of government.   There are a lot of problems with how we frame this question, because I think no … Continue reading

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10 Holiday Spending Truths and the No Duh Moment

I was flipping through the news today, and came across an article entitled “Americans Not Willing To Spend Without Deals.”  My first thought was “You’re surprised by this? ” and then “And whose fault is that?” Retailers are starting Christmas … Continue reading

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Back to School and Consumer Spending

I just finished an article in the New York Times talking about the delay in the traditional Back To School spending many retailers count on, and the larger economy bets on for its overall health.  I know we’ve prepared for … Continue reading

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Economic Impact of the News

We want to have the news reported as soon as it can be; we have a 24 by 7 newscycle that makes it hard for anything to be quiet for very long.  In fact, i am not sure what the … Continue reading

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