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What Education Can Learn from eCommerce and Business

There’s tons of folks who think education should be run like a business from the financial end.  I disagree with this, mainly because education is essentially long term research and development of new citizens, and doesn’t have an easily qualifiable … Continue reading

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What’s Off The Table?

Yesterday, I was leaving an event at a local community college.  On my way out, two students were also heading out, presumably after class.  One was older, clearly a continuing education student, the other younger.  I heard the older student … Continue reading

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Having Faith

Faith is often seen as a religious concept, but I see faith being as much about trust and hope. Whenever we create something- a business, a relationship, a child, an object- whatever it is- we are pursuing an act of … Continue reading

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I find a lot of what I do involves boiling down complex, nuanced ideas into smaller steps or sound bites.  Like the Eames chair  and table to the right, you can accomplish a lot with really simple but innovative design. … Continue reading

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User Interface

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with businesses recently about different projects and how to move them forward.  Never forget to make the “end user interface”- what the customer first sees, and how they interact with your business- as … Continue reading

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