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User Interface

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with businesses recently about different projects and how to move them forward.  Never forget to make the “end user interface”- what the customer first sees, and how they interact with your business- as … Continue reading

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Bookstores and Public Life

This morning, I was getting caught up in news, and this article about the closing of a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan grabbed my attention.  It’s clear that Barnes and Noble has been acting more like a community center for … Continue reading

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“It’s Just a Platform”

Early on in my web geek history, I used to hear the phrase “it’s just a platform” dispensed frequently, especially when someone would ask: “What’s this thing good for, anyway?”  I was always frustrated by that kind of non-answer answer.  … Continue reading

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Filling Niches

One of my favorite concepts from all of those years studying biology was the concept of the niche. An organism or creature finds a spot where the competition isn’t too intense, and raw materials they can work with, and decides … Continue reading

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Don’t Underestimate Surprise and Delight as a Strategy

I have been a fan of Seth Godin’s for a long time. I read his blogs, buy his books, and frequently recommend them to friends. (In fact, we celebrated my birthday this year at Max Brenner’s restaurant, in part due … Continue reading

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