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Who Gets to Drive?

I should start this post about by saying we are big “Game of Thrones” fans in our house.  My son and husband have read the books, and w we all watch the show together.  This morning, on Facebook, a friend … Continue reading

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The Impact Equation

The Impact Equation is a new book by two of my friends, Julien Smith and Chris Brogan.  I’ve purchased 10 copies myself to give away here, so if you are interested in a copy, please read on for details. Chris … Continue reading

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The Rules of The Hunt- Review

Every so often, people will ask me if I’m willing to write a review of their work, book or project.  I’m always flattered to be asked, and I take this responsibility seriously.  After all, I’ve got all of my readers … Continue reading

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Chris Guillebeau- The $100 dollar start-up

Chris Guillebeau is an amazing guy.  When he was doing a tour for his prior book, The Art of Non-Conformity, he thought he would head to Delaware, find a Starbucks and have a meet-up.  Unfortunately, Wilmington’s Starbucks are more suburban, … Continue reading

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iBooks Author Tools

The news about the new iBook author tools for the Mac have been met with enthusiasm and concern.  Some see it as the dawn of new digital textbooks. Parents who see their kids struggling under backpacks that seem to weigh … Continue reading

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