I have to admit- the elctions are tommorrow, and I have regrets already.

I recently have found out about how much Rick Santorum has done in congress to help the underprivileged, to help those that cannot always speak for themselves, and I think he has done a great job in that respect.  But I do not like his views on the war, his role as one of the president’s yes men, or the fact that he likes to mix religion and politics.  I have to trust that his opponent will do as well as Rick Santorum has done for the  poor, although I have no basis for believing that this will be so other than I thought Bob Casey’s dad did a great job for Pennsylvania.  I would like to be able to vote for Rick Santorum because of the great job he has done, but I find the negatives are deal breakers for me in the voting booth.  I can’t say I have absolute confidence in Casey.

I do want to say that I think Rick Santorum and other politicians make a huge mistake by underestimating the intelligence of the electorate.  I want politicians to be able to say things like “There are many hard decisions we have to make, not all of them are going to be popular.   Rather than trying to run a popularity contest, we are trying to run a country, and that requires serious ideas from serious people, not people who are only interested in generating fear or slick sales pitches to the public.”  This is what I want from our leaders, and we are long overdue for someone to give us the respect we deserve, rather than playing to the least common denomenator.