There’s a great article by Jeff Jarvis- you can read it here.  The video on the net revolution is here.  High quality video is available (at least to those with broadband and dual core processing machines) that is much more intriguing than regular TV.  It’s direct creative content from it’s source, and I love it.  While I think the evolution/revolution is still young, it will explode as broadband connections increase; free wi-fi increases, and the machines to process all of this audio and video continue to get cheaper and more readily accessible.  I think the infrastructure still lags behind the content producers, but it will catch up fast.

You should check out fdome of the great video on the net shows- like Taste TV- wonderful cooking shows; Rev 3- ctrl alt chicken and other great shows.  Things are changing faster than we can keep up, and this won;t be contained and small for long.