Some people are natural self-promoters. They are really good at it- good sales people, and they can make a reasonable and rational argument for just about anything. I am terrible at this.

While I am an attorney, my ability to make an argument or choose a side is not one that is filled by exclamation points and adjectives describing how I will fulfill your every dream. Instead, my appeals to others are based on advocacy, taking someone’s side, and trying to make others see that it is the best or only rational decision to make. It tends to be a more logical and intellectual argument, rather than one based solely on emotions. (This is also probably why I am not a trial attorney).

For my podcast and blog, a reasonable amount of marketing know-how and skill is required to make sure the podcast appears in search engines; things are easier to find on Google searches, and the like. I can do this.  This feels like managing information, and letting people know my show and blog exist.  That’s easy.

What’s hard for me is the “promotion” part.  I need to get better at the 15 second pitch, The elevator pitch, the giving the condensed version of what I do and why I do it.  It has not a bit to do with self-confidence; it has everything to do with not being comfortable with talking someone into something they don’t already want or need already.   I love reading books like Made to Stick– learning how to make ideas simple to remember and more compelling.  How to give your ideas handles and make the take-home points clear.  Yet when I am asked to write a bio for myself, or make a press kit, I shudder.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this process less painful, I would love to hear them!