I had one of those awful days recently where everything seems to go awry, to the point where you just start laughing because it becomes simply absurd at how opposite of good things have gone.

It started out with some frustrations about construction we have going on in our house; then interruptions every time I started a project; then larger issues, culminating in talking the day over with my husband and the phone went dead in the middle of the call. Murphy’s law ruled today and I got my tush handed to me on a platter.

Yet, now that the day from Hades is coming to an end, I realize how important attitude and frame of mind can be as you face these daily speed bumps. Going from one source of frustration to another made me feel like screaming; now at the end of the day, looking back, it all seems so silly. Why should all these little things get me stressed out? Each one was trivial on its own- the piling on made it worse, and the construction was driving me mad.

As someone with ADHD, I know I can get overwhelmed easily.  The trick is recognizing when it’s happening, step back, and re-evaluate.  Go for a walk.  Go exercise- do something, but change the equation, and then get back to work.  If not, I’ll just fall back into the old habits on only accomplishing part of what I’ve set out to do, and miss the most important parts of all- the finishing of projects and the rewards that come with that.