I have a problem with passive aggression.  The way some people avoid issues, allegedly to avoid hurting feelings, but the indefinite nature of the response breeds nothing but frustration.  While thinking about this, I came up with a new concept all together, Passion Aggression, for all the new media folk I know.

Passion aggression is when you are full out pursuing your dreams, even when there is significant risk that you may come up short. It is swinging for the fences, and enjoying the rush. It is riding the out of control roller coaster, where things move faster than you’d like, but there’s no brake or even slowing down in sight.

I love the passion and energy new media folk have. They are, by far, the most energetic and enthusiastic people around. Talk to someone like Julien Smith, CC Chapman, Kathryn Jones, Chris Brogan, ChelPixie, Chris Penn, Andrea Ross, Bob Goyetche, Mark Blevis, Paige and Gretchen from Mommycast, John Havens, Eric Skiff, Howard Greenstein, Alex Hillman, Amber Rhea, and so very many others, and you immediately sense their aliveness.

In every day circles, you see many people who are merely phoning it in at their job or at home- they aren’t engaged or energized by what they’re doing. Not the new media people. If anything, these are the folks who have so much they want to accomplish in any one day, they would gladly clone themselves or even better, lobby for 40 hour long days, just to have the time to see their ideas come alive.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this world, and to know these people with such boundless energy.  People like Meg Hatch, Stu Mark, Tammy Munson, and Wendy Cooper, who all make their passions come alive for them.

New media is so full of these type of passionate people- it’s the reason why I love it so much, and I am sure it’s why you are reading blogs in the first place.

Thanks to all the Passion Aggressive people I know, and for making my life exciting each and every day.