My family is coming to join us for Thanksgiving.  While my “blood” family is important to me, my internet family is also important.  Before things get totally crazed, I thought I’d give thanks to the blessings of this past year:

  • Rob & Megin Hatch- these are two of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.  Rob is dedicated to his job, and got to spend time with T berry Brazelton this Spring; Megin is the fearless leader of the GNM Parents blog and keeps everyone in line.  I feel solucky to be involved in this project and to consider the Hatches as friends.
  • Paige & Gretchen- Last year, I called Paige and Gretchen from Mommycast on Thanksgiving and thanked them for inspiring me to start podcasting.  This year, we’re teaming up as part of the Mommycast & Friends Family Channel of Podcasts with Podango.  A lot has changed in the past year, and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.
  • Chris Penn & Chris Brogan-  I’ve been lucky enough to work with The Founders of Podcamp closely this past year.  Chris Penn is a thoughtful, deliberate person, with an inner peace I seek to emulate, and the patience of Job.  Chris Brogan has truly become a blogging superstar, and is changing the face of new media, while keeping a sense of community at heart.  It’s going to be a great new year.
  • Mark Blevis, Andrea Ross, Bob & Cat Goyetche: through Podcasters without Borders, I learned that meeting with your peers incside the fishbowl is as important as reaching outside.  These four people are not only at the heart of canadian podcasting, they are some of the best friends you could ever have.  Mark & Bob plug the gaping holes in my audio knowledge bit by bit, and I am very thankful to consider them friends.
  • John Havens, Jason Van Orden, Howard Greenstein, Eric Skiff, Kathryn Jones, Adam Broitman, Laura Allen, Kathy King and the whole Podcamp NYC crew- what a fanatstic experience that was.  We changed the face of the unconference, broke new ground, and explored new possibilities.  It was amazing.
  • Chel Pixie- Thanks for being you.  You are my rock.
  • CC Chapman, Mitch Joel- Thanks for teaching me being myself and my own brand are the most important things of all.
  • Linda Mills- Thanks for being a fellow grownup when things get crazy.
  • Adam Plante, Bill Rowland, Jen Yuan, Alan Chaess, Alex Hillman, Geoff DiMassi, Annie, Lisa Marshall, Steve Lubetkin, Drew, Rand, and everyone else who helped out with Podcamp Philly.  Ready for another???!?
  • Charles Cadenhead for being such a great guy
  • Dale Brown from WETA for believing and the possibilities of the future.

I know I forgot some people- it is not intentional.  I’ll have to post more soon.  But I wanted to take a first pass at thanking everyone for being part of a truly great year, and to tell you in this semi-public way that I am thankful for each and every experience over the past year, and to count you among my friends.