It’s been almost three weeks since the iphone entered my life.  The love affair continues.   It does not do every task perfectly, but it does everything adequately.

Yes, when it is in EVDO mode, website loading can be slow, and certainly not as fast as my high speed internet connect at home.  Yet, when I am in a wifi zone, the upload is pretty snappy.  Interestingly, it seeks out any wifi network around, making it a pretty good wifi detector on its own.  (And you would be surprised at how many unsecured networks exist near local stop lights….)

The google maps acts as a defacto GPS and direction service;  the stock feature gives me updates on my investments; I have one button access to weather, and easy access to my email on the go.  The notes feature allows me to keep to do lists going and notes to myself.  The calendar feature and alarms syncs up with ical, which syncs with google calendar as well.  The alarms keep me on track as well.

It may not be perfect at any of these tasks alone, but it does them all very well, and has become a mobile phone/PDA/GPS/Internet and even an adequate ipod as well.

Visual voicemail and gmail together manages my messages as best as anything can.

I am so very happy with this little device, and I encourage everyone to give it a test drive. I am really impressed.

Here’s a good story that shows its functionality.  I produce some podcasts called OB GYN to Go, geared for resident education.  I was at the doctor’s the other day, and while we were talking, I mentioned the podcast.  The doctor was interested, so I called up the website on the iphone, and began streaming the podcast for him to hear, right there, on the fly.  This was awesome, and let me share something with another professional on the fly.  I could not have done this with any other device, other than my full laptop, but I had that functionality in my palm.   This was cool and useful.

I love it.  And best of all, besides being beautiful to behold, it just works seemlessly, and I am a satisfied customer.  All those holding off for the next generation, go right ahead.  I am happy now.