The more I meet new people on the web, the more things I find we all have in common. There are some variations on the theme, but here are a list of ten “keystones” we seem to have in common:

1. We’ve read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and were huge fans. Ditto for Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

2. There’s a general appreciation for Monty Python and british humor in general.

3. We’ve read Freakanomics and/or Malcolm Gladwell’s books, The Tipping Point and Blink.

4. We’re here because we have a need to express ourselves, and are as interested in hearing everyone else talk as hearing ourselves.

5. We’re not in the middle of the bell curve- not necessarily misfits, but we don’t blend in, either. People seem to be smarter, more insightful, and don’t find a lot of people in their day to day real lives thatmesh as well as those in the web community.

6. Everyone may have their own interests, but they are interested in finding out about yours and what makes you tick.

7. There’s a generosity of spirit with most people, willing to help you out or answer questions, and won’t think less of you for asking.

8. There’s a fair amount of ADHD in the group- people interested in new ideas, the latest and greatest, but if there’s no action, it quickly drops off their radar- You can’t expect people to hang around without new content, or something happening on a fairly regular interval.

9. Attention can be easy to grab, but we’re still sorting out how to harness that energy for the bigger picture- converting sentiments into deeds, into tangible results. We’re passionate but we need to have a specific call to action to make something happen.

10. We like science fiction, good story telling of any sort, and we want it to ring true.

What other common threads do you find with your new media friends? Haven’t found one yet who doesn’t know who Arthur Dent is.