I have the Comcast triple play at home.  Cable, TV, Internet.  The service can be spotty from time to time.  The  service went out sporadically for several days at a time recently, without any prior notice or acknowledgement of the problem, except for dealing with my irate phone calls.   No- I am sorry we had a problem email afterwards, nothing.  I just had another run in with “customer dis-service” about an email problem I was having, (when I hit the inbox, I don’t get taken to the front page of my inbox, but a page back- page 2 of 19, for whatever reason…)  and they just said- well, hit page one and lump it.  This is a software problem on their end which is recently an issue, never before.  And I get the impression they could care less.

As a result of the poor follow up to problems, or getting any sense of caring, despite being a customer for many years now, I am going to switch to verizon FiOS the very first day it becomes available in my area.  And I will canvas everyone I know to do the same.  Why?  not so much that comcast has bad service- but they just don’t care.  As a result, I have no patience with their technical problems any more- they aren’t interested in maintaining our relationship, and therefore, I don’t either.

Thanks, Comcast, for treating me like just another dollar in your account and for forgetting that even a little nice attention goes a long way towards customer loyalty.  Bad way to do business.  bad way to maintain business.  Your loss in the end.