I was totally shocked when I heard Tim Russert passed away.  Tim’s political discussions were among the best in all of modern journalism.  I have been a big fan for years, and I think we will miss his reasoned point of view and critical analysis of issues this election more than ever before.

Tim was a real human being on television- you got the sense that he was always true to himself.  He was down to earth, smart, but not pompous, inquisitive and showed a willingness to ask the tough questions and put people on the spot when necessary.  He was a litmus test for the seriousness of most of the political figures in the Country, and I worry about whomever might replace him.

In an age where the 24 hour news cycle seems to fuel controversy for its own sake, for policy debates that end up looking like school yard battles, for a time where the line between news and entertainment seems to be getting less and less discernible,  Tim Russert was a breath of fresh air.  Meet The Press is a  serious news show, for serious people, and was never shy about it.  I hope NBC will be able to find someone who can at least attempt to fill the very big gap left by Tim, and continue to make Meet The Press a show that teaches and informs, as well as continue to test and examine our political leaders with probing questions rather than those about their undergarment preference.

I will miss Tim every weekend and Meet The Press will be different without him.  But I will especially miss him on election night, when his calm analysis made me feel like reason would always prevail.

My best to his family and colleagues.  We have lost a national treasure.