I just finished watching Barack Obama give his speech and I started crying.   And before I go to bed, exhausted and exhilarated, I thought I’d write  few quick words.

This election has been about the triumph of ideas, hopes, and aspirations over negativity.

It’s been about bringing people together, rather than driving them apart.

It’s been about participation, not apathy.

It’s the triumph of community, communication, and the power we all have when working together.

It’s about building something new.

It’s getting rid of the fear.  It’s getting rid of the paranoia and name calling.

It’s about dreaming of a new tomorrow, and constructing a path to make it so.

It’s about showing our children that the only limits on your success are those you put on yourself.

It’s the success of education, brains, and smarts over ignorance and fear.

I so hope this means our Country has turned a new page.  That racism is closer to being a thing of the past.  That America will be about the power of the “melting pot” and what everyone brings to the table to share, rather than about greed and taking all that you can get or grab.

We all want to succeed, but when all ships rise, we all do better.  And right now, after this election, I believe it can happen.  Each person who did a small bot for the campaign, or even voted for Barack Obama, can own a small piece of this great day and victory, and will be able to tell their grandchildren they saw the day when America became its better self.