A few friends, including Chris Penn and the great Chris Hambly a.k.a. the Don of the Social Media Mafia (tounge firmly in cheek) have tagged me with this meme- the intent is to lst 25 things about yourself.  Here’s my list- you can also find it over in the notes section of my Facebook page.

25 Things About Me

1. I love learning. I even love learning about how we learn. It’s fantastic, butI can be a bit obsessive about it sometimes.

2. I can find something interesting in just about anything. It can make me a bit Pollyanna-ish sometimes, but I’d prefer to have a positive outlook than be a wet blanket.

3. I found out I had ADHD as an adult, after both my kids were diagnosed. It explained my life-long caffeine issues, and my ability to get mired in feeling overwhelmed. Putting my quirks into context has been unendingly helpful.

4. I love to read- almost anything. Right now it’s business and marketing books, but I can get suckered into a chick lit romance (especially British ones for some reason), and many of the books my kids read- some of them are better than adult novels, Harry Potter, for example, or Children of the Lamp.

5. I miss my Bernese Mountain Dog who died a little over a year ago. My idea of a pretty close to perfect dog. (except the shedding)

6. The current dog is a golden doodle, and I wish she’d stop challenging me for the affections of the boys in the house. It’s annoying.

7. Although I sometimes have to gear myself up for it, I actually enjoy editing audio for my podcast. Seeing the whole thing come together makes me feel like it’s a job well done.

8. That said, I never knew how many speech tics (um, you know) I had until I started editing the interviews I did. It’s helped to drastically reduce those speech quirks, period. Might help Caroline Kennedy.

9. I really like knitting.

10. I like knitting socks. They’re small and portable, and with all the cool yarns available, you can make something fancy looking without too much effort.

11. I even like knitting gloves and fingerless mitts which I call “iPhone gloves”.  Quick project, and useful.

12. I think we should start a Facebook group for Luddite techies- people with amish-like hobbies like knitting and making jam, yet who love computers, social networks and gadgets. It’s surprising how many of us there are.

13. I need more sleep, but I’m not sure who to mug for the extra three hours I could use every day- not just for sleep, but to get things done.

14. My husband and I met as undergrads at the University of Pennsylvania.

15. I’ve lived in Gainesville Florida.

16. I’ve lived in Hershey, PA and that’s where my older son was born.

17. I do not miss Rochester NY, where I grew up, very much at all. I appreciate what it offers and my friends and family who are still there, but I really don’t ever want to move there, much to my Mom’s disappointment.

18. I love travel and discovering new places.

19. I am a certified scuba diver.

20. I was nationally ranked as a junior Squash Player in high school and played briefly on the team at Penn.

21. I’ve passed out twice in my life- once after playing 2 hours of squash and then donating blood (yeah- stupid idea- who knew?) and once while visiting a NICU unit for a project for a college course in medical ethics.  No real idea why I got woozy- I was thinking about the project we were doing in our lab and how it might help this little baby, and suddenly slumped over.  It was weird.

22. I’m glad I have kids because I can do all the things I loved to do as a kid all over again, including going on roller coasters, water parks, and playing with legos.  Seeing them discover new things, sharing with them the books I loved as a kid- that’s fun and magical.

23. I have a love-hate relationship with memes. They can get a conversation started, but they’re rather like chain mail.  hence, I am not tagging anyone else, because as fun as it is, someone has to just say no sometimes.  It’s my turn.

24. I’m really glad that Facebook has enabled me to get back in touch with a lot of friends I lost track of since high school and college.

25. Podcamp and running Podcamps has changed my life, and I’m forever grateful to Chris Penn and Chris Brogan for making me part of the Podcamp Foundation.

What are your 25 things?  I’d love to read them!  Link to your posts below.  This way, you can opt in or out, without the guilt.