I got a great phone call this morning from Ken Davis, who attended a presentation I made at AGS University in Wilmington recently.  He called to tell me that all the stuff I talked about regarding social networking has really helped him- he started making connections on twitter, and as a result, has been asked to sit on a committee with other industry leaders in his field for a big upcoming conference.  He heard that a local NPR station was looking for information, and he called up to help, and is now his company is being featured in a story on the news.

By simply listening, being helpful, and willing to raise his hand to help others out, opportunities are coming his way he might not have otherwise had.

And to ice the cake, he also took the time to track down my number and give me a call to tell me about it all.  That not only makes me feel like I did a great job, but it makes me happy that by showing someone some easy steps to take, they started down a path that is giving them great results in pretty short order.

Ken’s taking the ball and running with it.  Are you?  What could you do differently?  What could you do to help others and help yourself as a result?  And do you ever take the time to let people know what they said was meaningful?

This certainly makes Ken a superstar in my book.  We can all learn alot from Ken Davis- much more than just the great gear they produce over at Analtech– a thin layer chromatography plate manufacturer. (They even have videos on their site, so you, too can better understand TLC and why it’s important- even if it’s not your day to day field.)

Teaching others, and getting the rare chance to see that sharing of knowledge payoff- that certainly made my day!