Since the last Brain Dump went well (at least for me) I’m adding more here:

-The most interesting and compelling projects come from the synergy between verticals.

-Always consider the alternate POV
– empathy goes a long way towards appreciating another’s perspective.
– IDEO’s model of design and problem solving should be applied everywhere. * Understand *Observation *Brainstorm *Prototype Skip steps one & two at your peril- that’s where the value- the relevance- lives.

-If you don’t like how someone else is doing something, be prepared not just to critique, but to be able to do it yourself, with your vision, better.

-Keep your inner critic tempered.  I am the worst at this- I beat myself up over silly stuff all the time- but I HATE to disappoint anyone, especially my friends. But sometimes, letting go of that baggage is absolutely necessary to maintain focus.
-Sometimes getting stuff done is WAY more important than your existential crisis of the moment (Thanks, Seth Godin for your blog post on that subject.)

-Remember that the next great idea might come from an unusual source, so take a chance and do something that doesn’t have a clear ROI for you at least once a week or so.