I got this email from Comcast today:

An important message from Comcast
Dear Comcast Customer,

We owe you a big apology. On Saturday, April 4, 2009 we experienced a significant disruption of our email service. While you may or may not have been affected, we want to explain what happened.

The problem was caused by a power disruption at one of our datacenters that affected some of our email servers. Fortunately, this disruption did not affect your ability to access the Internet and no customer emails were lost. However, for some customers there was a significant delay in sending and receiving some email, which has since been resolved. If you’re interested in reading more about the technical issues we faced and the proactive steps we’ve taken to help ensure this doesn’t happen again, please read the post we have on our corporate blog at http://www.comcastvoices.com/2009/04/smart-zone-followup.html.

We understand the critical nature of email in most people’s lives and deeply regret the disruption that you may have experienced. This is not the level of email service we strive to provide, and we are working harder than ever to improve it going forward.

Thank you for your patience.


Mitch Bowling
General Manager and Senior Vice President, Online Services

I have to say I’m impressed by how pro-active Comcast has become over time regarding these service disruptions.  They’re a big company with lots of customers.  In the past, I have felt more like a cog in their income machine than a valued customer, but over the past two years or so, that has really changed.  Comcast Cares and Frank Eliason has been a big part of that for me- I feel like I can talk to a person and get a problem solved quickly and efficiently.  But Frank and his team are now no longer islands in the Corporate sea- they are becoming examples of how the personal touch and outreach shows the company is making an effort to acknowledge, explain and handle problems as quickly as possible for their customers.  Each and every time this kind of communication happens, the likelihood I would switch providers becomes smaller and smaller- because Comcast Cares is no longer an oxymoron- they are showing it every day.

Thanks for the good job guys- I appreciate it!