A while ago, I wrote about how Wegman’s food markets used their customer database to call and warn customers of products they had purchased that might contain the pistachios that had been recalled, and how excited I was that they cared as much for me after the sale as beforehand.  I had another great experience with this today with another company, my personal favorite office supply company, Levenger.

I am an office supply junkie, for whatever reason, and I have always been pleased with the things I have gotten from Levenger, from the  Lap Desk I picked up at the old Outlet in Delray Beach on a visit to Florida, to the great business cards I get regularly.  I particularly love Levenger’s Circa notebook system, because it’s flexible, and lets  me order and reorder information as I need to.  You can add pages from smaller notebooks to larger ones, and it all stays together and secure.  So the Fitness Journal they carry was something I thought would be just the key to help me stay on track with diet and exercise. ( Any slips have been totally my own fault)

I was surprised today to find a package on my porch from Levenger, knowing I had not ordered anything in a while.  In the package was a refill formy fitness notebook, and a note from Ray Moore, Vice President of Merchandising.  He said that although they check and recheck everything, some of the nutritional information they had included was erroneous.  They were apologizing and sending the refill to me for free, with hopes that this made it right.

I was stunned!  Before I had even noticed any potential problem, having owned the item for over 6 months, to get this in the mail was fantastic!  Since I knew Steve Leveen, the CEO of Levenger was on Twitter, I got right on and sent him a message thanking him for this service.  I got a lovely tweet back as well.

These days, where customer service is often an afterthought, this stands out as an excellent example of proactive customer service- of doing the right thing and more, tracking down cutomers, and making them happy.  I was really glad I could also respond quickly and thank the CEO, to let them know how terrific this was.  The immediacy made it easier for me to give positive feedback in the moment, and to feel connected to a company I already love.

Thanks again, Levenger, Ray Moore, and Steve Leveen, for again showing me how special your company is, above and beyond the fantastic quality of your products, which won my affection a long time ago and keep me coming back time after time.  And for the rest of you, they are having a summer sale now, even on the cool Circa notebooks.

And maybe now, I’ll be even more dedicated to getting that fitness regime off the ground.