There’s a new video on the ‘net showing a baby interacting with an iPad and then getting frustrated interacting with a magazine, because it is not responding in the same way. Take a few minutes to watch.

Just take a moment and think what this will mean. Within 5 years, this child will be entering kindergarten. She will expect that most everything she sees can be interactive and responsive to her wants and needs. Her parents will have phones and other gadgets that will respond to questions and commands when given, and she will likely have these same tools at her disposal, certainly at home.

How will our classrooms and teachers have to adapt to keep up with this child?
What will our classrooms need to look like in order to meet her expectations? How will we hold her attention? How will she interact with her classmates? What will be the most important skills to learn for her future?

These are things we all need to seriously consider when we look at everything from school reform to 21st Century Skills.

What will the classroom look like for this child?

What are we doing to make this future a reality now?