Green Sales and Marketing, run by the great Barb McCoy, has asked me to teach a set of classes on Branding Your Business Utilizing Social Media for the month of December.  It’s a series of four classes, geared towards helping your take your business and brand to the next level.  I’m really excited to do this, to help local businesses of all sizes better understand their own brand and how that takes shape when you use social media channels to communicate and attract more customers.

The classes are structured so that each class can stand alone, but the series creates an overall picture to help you better understand the opportunities available through social channels and how to leverage them for your own business.  The classes are being offerred in three locations and will cover the same material.  In addition, each week we’ll have handouts to go along with the class with resources, online tools to help you and your business, and a list of steps you can take to help implement what we’ve talked about that week.  Our goal is to make sure each week you have something to think about and actionable steps to help make this “social media thing” more manageable and useful to you.

Below you’ll find an outline of the course as planned, and I’d love any suggestions from you about things we may not have added to the list that you’d like to see included.  We’ll also leave a little time at the end of class so you can help get your own questions answered, making sure the class fits your needs as closely as possible.

Course Outline:

Session 1 Branding Online with Social Media
-Why Social Media Matters
-Identifying Your brand and Message
-Overview of the Social Platforms including mobile
-Communicating your brand through your profile

Session 2  Your Customers and Your Community: The Two Way Conversation
-Who do you want to connect to online and why? Inbound and Outbound marketing in a nutshell
-Engaging Your Audience- How to create content they will care about and how to make your messages more memorable
-Setting up listening posts

Session 3 – The Google Tools session: How do customers look for me, and how can I help them find me?
-Google’s Zero Moment of Truth and Customer Feedback Loops- When are customers making decisions and why after the sale is also more important than ever before.
-Basic SEO- understanding tagging, keywords, and trying to fish where the fish are
-Using Google Tools to help time content and check on your competition

Session 4 Managing Social Media and Defining Your Goals
-Integrating Your channels- to cross post or not- making the most of your content.
-Managing Social Media- tools to help make your brand and messaging more consistent
-Defining Success: How do I know if this is working? What am I looking for as far as results?
-Final To Do’s
-Q & A

Locations and Sign-up Links

Flickerwood Wine Cellars– the great wine shop in Kennett Square- 4 consecutive Mondays starting November 28th



Lily Sushi– the great new sushi restaurant in Kennett Square- Four consecutive Thursdays starting December 1st

Film Brothers in Wilmington, DE- four consecutive Wednesdays starting December 7th

We hope you’ll join us for these sessions.  The price is $80 for the 4 weeks, which comes to $20 per class!  Even if you need to miss a week, I know you’ll find it more than worth it and the handouts will be available to help cover what we covered in class.

I look forward to seeing you there!