You might expect this to be your typical fanboy post, but actually, it’s about exemplary customer service.

We had a 1st generation iPod Nano laying around the house.  It had died and been replaced some time ago.  Around Thanksgiving, I saw a notice online that said Apple had found a defect in some of the original nanos, and if you still had yours and it was eligible, they would replace it for free.  So I dug out our Nano, went to the website, filled out all the applicable information, and sure enough, it was eligible for replacement.  So I sent it in, and figured we’d get a similar model back, which we could use if another iPod in the house broke or was lost.

Today, FedEx delivered the replacement.  Instead of a similar model, Apple sent a new iPod Nano- The “watch” variety- and I’m thrilled!  We basically got a new iPod or refurbished iPod from something we had basically written off.  Needless to say, while I was expecting something back, I was not expecting a touch screen nano as a replacement- quite an upgrade!

The trick to customer satisfaction is often simple.  Deliver on your promises, and if you manage to exceed them, delight and as Guy Kawasaki calls it- Enchantment- ensues. Greatly exceed expectations like in this case, and you’ll get people excited to spread the word as well.

Well done, Apple.  And thank you again so much for continuing to make me a happy customer and an even happier shareholder.