I’m doing a presentation this week to local folks we’re calling “To Blog or Not to Blog”. In getting my presentation together, I’ve come across a couple of interesting videos I thought I’d share.

For those of us who’ve been blogging for years,the reasons seem obvious and almost not worth thinking about anymore. For those who are just considering it, it can seem like a project they’re just not so sure about. We all know anyone who is REALLY into something can make a case for it, and justify why they’ve decided to do it, even if it seems crazy to everyone else. Setting out a pro/con case for blogging for local businesspeople means trying to give them objective reasons as well as personal experience, and hearing it from people other than me, and from people well respected in the marketing, business and PR field, is important. For all of you veteran bloggers, these videos are great as re-inspiration and will help you respect what you;ve worked hard to create over time.

An interesting set of blogging advice from a British expert Penny Power:

Chris Brogan on Blogging and small business:

From HubSpot- it gives great facts and does advertise their services, which are super:

Chris Pirillo, a well-known geek and live-streaming blogger, gives blogging tips.

Don’t forget to checkout Blogs in Plan English by the Common Craft Show. You can see this video by clicking here.

And lastly, from Chris Brogan- Social Media as a Serendipity Engine