I’m exploring new ways of learning and teaching, and one way to do this, is to create your own virtual conference, using shared videos, tools and more off the web.

Currently, I’m creating a professional development session for a school down in North Carolina.  As part of that, I am creating a playlist on my YouTube Channel of various videos that will provide information both ahead of and after my presentation, to act as a resource for folks in the audience.

By creating the playlist of videos, ranging from How To’s, to illustration of points, to key TED and RSA Animate talks, I hope to be creating a resource that will help these folks and others I may talk to in the future.  It creates a small, virtual conference, with resources from around the globe, that can be accessed at any time, from any where.  It also demonstrates the ability to “flip” a classroom, and differentiate instruction, long before I get up in front of the room to talk about these issues with the faculty.

Below are a few examples of great talks- including Dan Pink’s RSA Animate on Motivation, And JJ Abrams great “Mystery Box” TED presentation- that create a bit of a virtual conference or Professional Development session, right here on my blog.

What could you use this concept to teach or share with your colleagues virtually?  Would it enhance the time you spend together at the office, in the meeting?  How well could flipping the office/meeting/conference work for you, and how can it enhance the productivity of time spent together?  What would you share?

Daniel Pink & Motivation

JJ Abrams- The Mystery Box- Encouraging a Child, Leaving some Mystery, Power of Making Things

Charles Duhigg -Procrastination, Will Power and Focus

Let me know what you think of these videos, and what would you add? What are your favorites? What would you share with colleagues?