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Running for office is like starting a new business.  You need a new website.  You need business cards, head shots, and more.  And you need to define your business and what makes it great.

We’re working on making all of these things happen as soon as possible.  My wonderful treasurer, Rachel, is in place, and our political committee is in place and ready to accept donations.  We should have an electronic option available shortly, but in the meantime, any and all donation can be sent to:

Friends of Whitney

PO Box 801

Mendenhall, PA 19357

You can always call me on my cell at (302) 562-6507, or at our campaign number (484) 775-0401.

The campaign email address is :

We’ve found that it’s going to be important to separate the campaign out from my regular website, here.  The new site is in process and should be available by May 1, if not sooner.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me through social media as well.

You can find me on Twitter: @LDpodcast or @WhitneyHoffman

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Facebook (Campaign)