It’s coming up on the start of the school year here in PA.  I have always loved getting ready for the new school year- the smell of new crayons, choosing out a perfect backpack, everything being about hopes and expectations.

This year, my son is returning to school after having back surgery.  He may only be able to be there for half days for the first few weeks, which will prolong our “re-entry” into the new normal of the school year.  This year will start out with more negotiations about school work and making things work from home than ever before.  It’s going to be challenging, but I know that planning ahead and being prepared for having to improvise will make it a lot easier to manage.

It turns out that one of the best things I’ve learned from campaigning for office is that you have to learn to roll with the punches and improvise.  Each day, a new set of challenges and opportunities faces me, and it turns out the trick is not trying to bend reality into your idea of perfection, but to basically enjoy the ride and the craziness of it all.

The fall is a great time to turn a page and start afresh- new projects, new energy, new horizons.  It will be a great time for me to meet new people, and ask them to try something new by changing the government in Harrisburg.  I know that the candidates I’ve met, men and women, have decided to run because they know we need to govern differently, and Pennsylvania needs a fresh start.   We can accomplish great things, working together for positive change.

We also have a historic number of women candidates running for office in Pennsylvania, and many of them, like me, are first time candidates.  Most of us have diverse life experiences to draw from, that we can use to help shape sensible policy that will benefit every citizen.  I know that my experiences with start-up folks and entrepreneurs means that I want to help making starting a new business in Pennsylvania easier.  I know the State needs to have a better digital infrastructure, making it easier for folks to navigate the State’s websites and find when they need.  There’s tons of work to be done in making compliance easier for everyone.  And that’s before we even get to the issues about making sure our schools and digital infrastructure are first rate for every student in the Commonwealth.

As part of making a new beginning, the largest class of democratic women candidates in Pennsylvania history will be meeting in Harrisburg on August 26th, to commemorate the signing of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote- now we’re ready to legislate.  Please see our press release below:

Press Release





HARRISBURG, PA: On Tuesday, August 26th Democratic women candidates from across the Commonwealth will gather on the steps of the Capitol building in Harrisburg at 1:00PM to commemorate the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

August 26th has been designated “Equality Day” and many of our 2014 women candidates are assembling to publicly declare our commitment to working together to solve the problems which face our state and our nation. We believe that government can be better and function more effectively, and we are collectively inspired to making that happen.

We are committed to working across party lines to break down the barriers that keep the peoples’ voices from being heard and to bringing ethics and accountability to the forefront of government.

Please join us to hear several speakers, receive a written statement and meet the candidates.

When: August 26th

Where: On the steps of the Capitol Building, Commonwealth Ave Harrisburg PA

Organizers: By Women4Women, founder Lois Herr

Contact Susan Rzucidlo,, 610-659-3145

1-2:30 PM