There’s a lot that goes on with a political campaign that mirrors marketing for a traditional business.  In many ways, a political campaign is an eight month marketing and branding campaign- just like for any product or brand.  You are either introducing a new Candidate, like launching a new brand, or you are trying to refresh an old favorite, and encourage people to stay the course.

As part of the campaign, using a variety of media is important.  We chose to use some traditional media sources, including radio and direct mail.  You can listen to our

radio ad by clicking on the player.  (Many thanks to Ken Grant for voice over services, and the fine folks at WJBR for their production expertise.)

We did some small video projects, one specific to my opponent’s support of the Voter ID bill.  He is very proud of having spent time for years to get this bill passed, even though there has been no evidence presented of in person voter fraud in PA, and the bill was eventually declared unconstitutional in the Courts and the sitting Governor decided not to appeal.  (Although recently in debates, he said if re-elected, Gov. Corbett would welcome a re-introduction of such a bill.  You can draw your own conclusions about election year politics.)

Here’s that video:

Our mailers were kept simple and graphic, presenting one idea each.

You can take a look at two of them below (uploaded as PDF’s)

17454254 Whitney Hoffman Post Card 0918-3

17454254 Whitney Hoffman Post Card-Gridlock 1008-2

We’ve been active of Twitter and Facebook, and we set up a separate campaign website, while also posting and blogging here as well.  We have a few new Facebook “posters” to share this week as well.

I have no idea what will happen November 4th at this point.  I am proud of the media we created, and I think it stands out as different from most of the mailers I’ve gotten from other candidates.  All of this may not  be a recipe for winning, but I do think it’s a campaign I can be proud of, both as a candidate and as a media/marketing person.

Many thanks to everyone who helped over the course of the campaign, including Paul Muller (one of the best graphic designers I know), Jenni Brand (for brainstorming and helping me pinpoint the great ideas out of the sea of possibilities), Nancy & Don Dibert of Epic Marketing  and their entire team for execution and giving me a huge education in direct mail; the folks at Dr. Don’s Buttons; and Matt at Paper Crane Press for helping us get off the ground early.

We’ll do another post publicly thanking everyone who helped in all other aspects of the Campaign, but I wanted to make sure you all got a chance to see the media work done all together, and what can be done when you assemble a great team.

Thanks Everyone!