Dear Neighbors:

While elections may be popularity contests, governing is about doing the hard work required, every day, that our community demands and deserves. To me, part of my job is to be available- that’s why I answer your questions on Facebook, NextDoor Now, email, phone, at the grocery, and even running into you while we’re at the park. I’ll do what I can to help and get you the answers you need- because that’s what everyone should do for their friends and neighbors.

In our current contentious political environment, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important- living in a community that cares about each other, in good times and in bad, and rallies to make sure that people affected by tragedy know their neighbors care and want to help.  That’s not a democratic, republican or independent thing- it’s a human thing. I look at the role of Supervisor as one where I can help make sure our roads, bridges and even digital infrastructure is in good repair; where we can foster events like the Holiday Village Market to bring people together and celebrate our community while supporting local artisans and business people; and where we can deal with thorny issues like regionalism and cooperation in fire and safety, and come to a conclusion where everyone wins.

Servant Leadership. Doing what’s best, even if it’s not in your own self- interest. Helping whenever and wherever you can. It’s simple, straightforward, and it’s what I do every day.

Thanks for being a neighbor here in our wonderful, diverse community.You can read more about me, my accomplishments, and the race for Township Supervisor by clicking the button below.