We’re living in interesting times. The lead candidate for the republican nomination for presidency just wants everyone to give up and anoint him their candidate now, despite finally starting to face the consequences of years of fraud and treating the legal system as a cudgel to use against anyone he hdeals with- as a tool to delay and to wear the other party down, for his personal advantage. And yet, many people still seem to think that he is a great leader. He is and always has been a carnival barker. Sy anything, do anything for his own selfish reasons.

What I love most is the current Twitter/X posts about the value of Mar-a-lago. The Court said it was worth 18M. Eric Trump is trying to say its worth 1.5 B. Palm Beach currently appraises the value at 26.6 million. Looking up the property tax rates in Palm Beach– Trump paid (or was assessed) 1.48 million in 2020. I say we go ahead and take Eric’s Number! That’s 56 x higher than the current valuation- so let’s multiply the tax he owes by 56 = 82.88 million dollars. Think how much good that could do to the communities in Palm Beach County! New Schools! Computers for everyone! Lobster at lunch at schools!

But of course, the reason they are in trouble in NY is they value property at one number for ego or for a business advantage, but another for tax purposes. Let’s just take their word on their valuations and make them pay up for all the taxes they have shorted the government on for all these years, and we’ll all end up being better off. They’ll be out of money or in jail for tax fraud, and we’ll still have our democracy.

Of course, I know Republicans can’t take yes for an answer- but they are truly screwed here- they have been called on years of BS and have to pay up either way. This means Eric and Don Jr might actually have to get real jobs- where do you think they will work? The mind reels.