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Some Thoughts on Branding

This past weekend, I spent some time visiting social spaces where I haven’t “hung out” in some time.  I poked around to see what I had been missing in groups and forums I used to be a regular participant in, … Continue reading

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iPhone Envy

Llike any good tech rat, I went to my local Apple Store to stand in line, in the vain hope of scoring a new iPhone on its first day of availability. I tried to pre-order, as I did for my … Continue reading

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Finding Your Social Media Voice

I started talking to a friend the other day about this idea of “finding your voice”.  To many, it sounds like a fortune cookie, and doesn’t seem to make very much sense at all, and to others, there’s an instant … Continue reading

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Apple as a Monopolist?

This morning, I heard a report that anti-trust enforcers might be considering an investigation against Apple.  So I started to do a little research.  Business Week reported the story as follows: U.S. antitrust enforcers are considering an investigation of Apple … Continue reading

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Why I Hate PC’s and Symantec in Particular

I had a copy of Norton/Symantec Aintvirus and their security software running on my HP media center PC m7680n- about three years old, running XP, but it is a “VISTA” ready computer.  The subscription was about to expire.  Norton warned … Continue reading

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