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Looking at Markets and the Pain of Change

I’m intrigued by marketplaces of all sorts- ranging from Farmer’s Markets, to Malls, to Online Niche markets.  Each has a culture associated with it, a sense of rules and norms, often unspoken.  Each also has speculators, spectators and active participants. … Continue reading

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Facebook Musings

There have been various reports about Facebook adding pre-roll video to its site, where you would be forced to watch a short commercial before entering your Facebook account, at least for the first time each day.  While I think this … Continue reading

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Why Apple Continues to be Awesome

You might expect this to be your typical fanboy post, but actually, it’s about exemplary customer service. We had a 1st generation iPod Nano laying around the house.  It had died and been replaced some time ago.  Around Thanksgiving, I … Continue reading

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Already Missing Steve Jobs

There’s not much to say other than we’ll all miss Steve. Here are a few videos of him speaking. His genius is best expressed by his own words. I know we feel pretty sad here, like we’ve lost someone we … Continue reading

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Lend Me Your Brand…

A few years ago, the concept of personal branding became all the rage.  In the age of social media, people no longer build their reputations -solely- based on location and between real friends and business associates, but can have a … Continue reading

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