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App of the Week- Lemon Wallet

This is my opinion and is not a promoted post in any way, shape or form. I don’t know about you, but one of the things that drives me crazy is the abundance of loyalty programs, affinity cards, keychain fobs, … Continue reading

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Schools and Copyright

An article was published on the Washington Post site about a new proposed rule regarding copyright for teachers and students.  The article starts out stating: A proposal by the Prince George’s County Board of Education to copyright work created by … Continue reading

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Come Fix My Problems!

I ran across a forum post today that essentially said: “I’m a _____(Insert name of profession here)____.  What are the apps I should download?” This is a natural question many people ask, but it’s a bad question.  Just like Bill … Continue reading

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Don’t Make All The Decisions For Me

My friend, Chris Brogan, wrote an interesting post about the future of geo-location apps and mobile.  Chris is flooded with information every day, and I understand why he wants Yelp to automatically narrow selections to his favorites or preferred categories- … Continue reading

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Why Trust is the Killer App

I’ve been listening to NPR in the morning, following the news about international politics, and these points keep being made over and over: In (international) relationships, trust is important and vital to getting anything done. The kind of reception leaders … Continue reading

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