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You are More Than Your Audience

A friend was remarking on going back and deleting posts from his facebook and instagram accounts, trying to be quieter and more purposeful.  Part of the reason seemed to be a lack of attention to recent photos, etc. and it … Continue reading

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140 Seconds

The other night, I attended a presentation with a group of friends.  I wasn’t sure what to  expect, but a friend had recommended we go see this person present, so I was game for it.  However, shortly into the presentation, … Continue reading

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Social Media, Brands and Friendship

It seems like anytime I shop in a store or hear a commercial, a brand or commercial entity of one sort or another asks me to become a fan or a friend on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter.  … Continue reading

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No Longer New

I’ve been talking to a bunch of different podcasters I’ve known for a few years now, and there’s seems to be a common theme among many- including myself- of having lost some of the energy and direction that got them … Continue reading

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Understanding Attention

As someone with two kids with ADHD, attention is a big deal to us.  I’ve made it my job to understand how attention works, how to get it, how to focus it, and how sustain it, because this information is … Continue reading

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